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Dr. Rainold Lee

1. How important is Patient education in your opinion?

Education is the key to successful treatment outcomes because a patient has to understand what you, as a dentist, is trying to achieve thru the treatment goals / plans.

2. How do you involve patients in their care?

Involving the patient via education, showing (with intra-oral cameras / mirrors), informing and ultimately giving back the responsibility for the maintenance of dental health to my patient.

3. How would patients describe a consultation with you?

Easy-going, approachable, trusting and non-intimidating.

4. What have you done to advance your schooling?

Taking continuing education courses constantly over the years, endodontic study clubs, and member of the Vancouver and district dental society, dental meetings and conventions.

5. What qualities make a dentist successful?

Understanding a patient’s needs and wants along with their challenges and limitations and finding a way to balance these together along with having a great dental team.

6. In what ways is dentistry like art?

A person’s self-esteem and self-image are correlated to a healthy and happy smile!

7. What characteristics comprise a beautiful smile?

A beautiful smile is one that shows physical health and well-being , inner happiness, free of stress , fatigue and gum disease but especially free of plaque from last night’s dinner (ha ha ha).

8. What do you like most about your job?

Making a difference in people’s lives, earning their trust , seeing people change and grow over the years (except for their hair), having patients go from being distressed and in pain to feeling relieved after treatment. I enjoy the variety of work, interacting with staff and the satisfaction from restoring and improving a person’s smile.