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Dr. Terry MahI got accepted into UBC Faculty of Dentistry after my third year at UBC Faculty of Science (Cell Biology) in 1983.

Graduated from UBC Dentistry in 1987.

That same year, 1987, I opened up Scottsdale Square Dental Centre – been here since.

I have attended numerous courses and study clubs over the years.

I enjoy skiing, hockey and golf.

1. How important is patient education in your opinion?

Educating patients regarding their oral health is paramount. This allows the patient to be proactive and enthusiastic in caring for their gums and teeth.

2. How do you involve patients in their care?

I involve patients by talking to them about their health and teeth concerns. I encourage them to ask questions and explain to them the benefits and risks if things are done or not done. They are given treatment options to make informed decisions on their own.

3. How would patients describe a consultation with you?

Informative and thorough without being overwhelming. I listen to their needs and wants. I answer every aspect of their concerns before any treatment begins.

4. In what ways are you a personal smile coach for your patients?

To me, a smile always creates a lasting impression. A nice smile promotes self confidence, self esteem and good health.

5. How do you involve patients in their procedures?

Every patient is different. Some patients need to know every step along the way- some just want to relax and get it over with.

6. What have you done to advance your schooling?

As a dentist, I continue to learn new technologies and procedures to keep up to date. I love what I do and strive to deliver the best dentistry available.

7. What qualities make a dentist successful?

Many qualities are needed to make a dentist successful. To me, to create a good rapport with your staff and patients is most important.

8. In what ways is dentistry like art?

To me, seeing my patients have a great smile and being overjoyed by the results after their treatment is an art.

9. What characteristics comprise a beautiful smile?

Beautiful esthetics, healthy gums and it has to be fully functional.

10. What do you like most about your job?

My patients are special. Getting to know my patients and their interests in life is fulfilling to me. I give 100% to my patients and absolutely 100% love what I do every day.