New Patients

» New Patients

What to expect on your first visit

We encourage our new patients to schedule a comprehensive examination which we reserve one hour and 15 minutes. During this appointment we review the relevant medical and dental history and open dialogue with you in order to determine your short and long-term dental goals. We follow the guidelines of the BC College of Dental Surgeons and take a full set of x-rays. This will determine radiographic health of the teeth, roots and supporting bone. Visual and periodontal examinations are done of the soft and hard tissues to determine conditions of existing restorations, health of enamel, stability of the bite and jaw, and health of the gum tissues.

The results of our findings are then discussed with our patients. We will consider our patient’s goals together with the results of their extended examination. Options will then be discussed to achieve a stable and attractive smile, one that can help build self esteem and self satisfaction.

Any emergency dental needs will be addressed first and then you will be guided to our dental hygiene program. Our team of hygienists are trained and educated with the latest treatments to help provide optimum periodontal health to ensure your smile goes on smiling.

Insurance and Financial Planning

While most of our dental treatments are covered by insurance, we recognize that every person has different needs. Financial planning for what can be a substantial purchase is important and we would like you to be well informed about the cost and payment options that are available to you. Please contact our office for full details to assist you in deciding which form of payment will work best for you and your individual needs.