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Porcelain CrownsCrowns, or caps for teeth, look and function just like natural teeth. Dr. Mah and his associates may recommend a crown for a tooth with significant decay that a conventional restoration (filling) cannot correct. Without treatment, the tooth could break or crack down to the root. A crown covers the portion of a tooth above the gum line to restore function, comfort, and strength.

How can I benefit from a porcelain / ceramic crown?

The crown serves two important functions. First, it improves the appearance of teeth. Our all-porcelain and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are shaded to match existing teeth, so you can enjoy an all-white smile after your restoration is placed.

Second, a crown is the same size and shape as the natural tooth. As a result, it will keep your jaw and bite aligned, preventing potential complications like headaches, teeth grinding, and TMJ disorders. A crown will also make sure that your surrounding teeth do not take on a greater share of your mouth’s workload, which can cause tooth wear, shifting, and pain.

At Dr. Terry Mah, we use high-quality, custom-designed crowns made from fine materials and trusted dental labs to ensure a long-lasting, natural-looking restoration that fits comfortably.

If you are ready to experience total comfort and achieve optimal oral health and beauty with porcelain crowns, contact our office for your cosmetic evaluation.

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